Grocery Store

Rice, Dal & Salt

Kohinoor Super Silver Aged Basmati Rice,5kg
Tata Sampann Unpolished Toor Dal/Arhar Dal, 1kg
Tata Sampann Urad Dal Split, 1kg
Tata Salt, 1kg

Cooking Oil

Fortune Sunlite Refined Sunflower Oil, 1L
Saffola Tasty, Pro Fitness Conscious Edible Oil, Pouch, 1 L
Sundrop Heart Oil, 3l
Sundrop Superlite Advanced Oil, 3l

Milk Powder, Bournvita, Tea Powder, Green tea

Nestle Everyday Dairy Whitener, Milk Powder for Tea, 200G Pouch
Cadbury Bournvita Health Drink, 2 kg Pack
Society Leaf Tea 250G Pouch
Good Morning Green Tea, 150g

Dark Fantasy Choco Fills

Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Choco Fills, 600g
Dark Fantasy Choco Fills, 300g
Sunfeast Darkfantasy Chocofills Luxuria, 150g

Soap & Hand Wash

Pears Pure And Gentle Bathing Bar, 125g (Pack Of 5)
Santoor PureGlo Glycerine Soap with Almond Oil and Glycerine, 125g (Pack of 6) for Nourished Glowing Skin
Dettol Skincare Soap, 125g (Pack of 4)
Dettol Skincare Liquid Hand Wash - 200 ml


Dabur Red Paste - 600 g (Buy 3 Get 1 Free)
Dabur Red Ayurvedic Paste -200 gm
Sensodyne Sensitive Toothpaste Combi Pack - 150 g (Fresh Gel, Buy 2 Get 1 Free)
Dabur Meswak: India’s No-1 Fluoride Free Toothpaste | Herbal paste made from pure extract of rare Miswak herb - 200 +200 gms

Hair Oil

Parachute Coconut Oil 600 ml with 100 ml Free
Dabur Almond Hair Oil - with Almonds, Vitamin E and Soya Protein - 500 ml
Parachute Advansed Jasmine Coconut Hair Oil, Healthy Shine, Nourishing and Non-Sticky Hair Oil, 400 ml with Free 90 ml pack

Detergent Powder

Surf Excel Easy Wash Detergent Powder - 1.5 kg
Surf Excel Quick Wash Detergent Powder 1 kg
Surf Excel Matic Top Load Detergent Powder, 2 kg
Rin Advanced Detergent Powder - 7 kg